It's Not The Duck

These are my life stories involving famous and interesting people that teach us a lesson in both life and sales.

I would argue that no matter how great your brand name recognition is, someone still must sell your product or service. In this world, nothing happens until a sale is made and no matter what product you’re selling, “people buy from people.” Even better said, “more people buy from exceptional people.”

Throughout my entire adult life as a commissioned salesperson, I’ve been searching for the right angle; the right path; the right qualities that lead to greatness. We all have the potential for greatness when we seek to improve the “walk and the talk” in our lives. It is the way in which you impact others that determines your greatness. It is the “everything else” that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack. In this read, our focus is perfecting the “everything else”in you that sets apart your “walk and talk” in sales from everyone else.

The Other Side of the Earth

Follow Scotti Madison’s journey to the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt after the tragic death of his son from a drug overdose as he struggles to find the strength to finish strong for his daughter, himself, and for may others who have faced similar tragedies.

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Just a Phone Call Away

During my playing days I wrote down many stories and over the years I told them to friends and strangers alike. They all said you have to write a book so others can hear about your personal experiences. Just a Phone Call Away is more than a good baseball story. It is about a major journey through the minor leagues experiencing hardships, laughter and hope. it takes you behind the scenes to some unique situations and allows you to experience some of the craziest tales you have ever heard. It is Forrest Gump in real life and there is a message of hope throughout the book.

No one would believe someone with such a mediocre major league career could have experienced so much with so many famous people and enjoyed so many laughs.